Wednesday, June 06, 2007

B Glam Baby

If you looking for something hip for that little diva or dude in your life, you must check out B Glam Baby!! They have the most adorable glamorous gifts! I love the “Tutu Cute” tees and you can even get a matching tutu for the ultimate in fashion diva!! I LOVE this set! If I had a girl, she would have one of these for each day of the week!! They also cute tshirt designs for boys, like “grouchmeister” and “the paparazzi loves me” for mom, and they even have accessories and for your posh pet!! B Glam Baby definetly gets the swanky approval from Swanky Moms!

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hipmomof3 said...

I absolutely LOVE this line. I have ordered quite a few shirts for my 3 kids(2 girls and 1 boy) and also a lot of gifts for friends. I love the fact that they are trendy, fun, and the fact that the kids beg to wear them REALLY makes me happy. The quality and customer service are just an added bonus to this wonderful line! I like the fact that all shirts come with a free tote bag and you can put the child's name on the front. What a cool way to package things, especially since I tend to shop last minute and this means no gift wrapping for me! I can't wait for new items to become available so I can add to my collection.