Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lilybugs: Bottle Fun & Learning Tool

Another one of those you never knew you needed it until you have it items! Lilybugs are a genius idea created by Swanky Mom Crystal Kane. While out driving one day, Crystal's daughter had a leaky bottle, with no wipes or napkins on hand she instinctively grabbed her daughter's blankie and tied it around the bottle. Watching her daughter Lily grab the blanket wrapped bottle and feed herself inspired her to create the Lilybug! These cute furry friends simply hug a bottle or sippy cup. Little ones can grab them by their floppy ears or wings (depending on the design) and easily fill their tummies! Lilybugs currently come in 13 different designs with several more in the works. My favorite design is the zebra, so cute! This great product is easy to use, has no removable parts, and is designed for little ones of all ages and stages. Visit the Lilybugs site today and join the "bug club." Don't forget to get a few extra, they make great gifts!

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