Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Child's Health & Wellness Record

These handy books are the perfect solution for any parent to keep their children's medical paperwork organized! The "Your Child's Health & Wellness Record Document Organizer", is a huge binder with nine tabs: Medical Specialists, Other Health & Wellness Professionals, Clinics & Facilities, Interventions, Education, Insurance, Receipts, Resources and Miscellaneous. Also, included are a bunch of blank dividers and labels so you can customize it to suit your needs. Everytime you have an appointment, pop any information or paperwork into your binder! You will have everything in one place and easy to find when needed!

Also available is the "Your Child's Health & Wellness Record" which is a journal to record important medical information. It also has nine sections: Intro: Instructions and Tips, Current Health & Wellness Information , Pregnancy & The Newborn, Medication, When Something Isn't Right, The Medical Team, The Rest of The Health & Wellness Team, and Miscellaneous, which has areas for insurance, contacts and notes. This journal would be an essential tool for parents to children with multiple medical issues.

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