Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Robot Revolution Backpack: Pint Sized Fun for Your Little One!

The name of the company says it all! I recently discovered Bestever, a fabulous company that makes, well, the Bestever children's products on the market. My absolute favorite product of theirs is this adorable Robot Revolution backpack. It is perfectly pint sized for little ones. The backpack is made of high quality fabrics, beautifully sewn together with top notch craftsmanship. It is a 9" square, perfect for a toddler's most important things. My almost 3 year old loves to fill his up with Hot Wheels, his blankee, a snack, and he's good to go. It gives him the feeling of being large and in charge. He picks the goods and carries them himself! From the zippered mouth to the side pocket "ears" and adjustable straps, this back pack will put a smile not only on your child's face, but on everyone that sees it pass by. Available for purchase on the Bestever site. At only $20, how can you resist the cuteness!

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