Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Lulla Bed Story Blanket: The Coolest Way to Drift into Dreamland

When I came across the Lulla Bed site, I was fascinated by their Story Blanket. I had never seen anything like it and was quite curious about its functionality. Well, this amazing product goes above and beyond the cool factor and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Picture this: Show and tell day, at preschool with 22 little ones ages 4-5. Wiggling little bodies, sitting in a circle, lights down, here we go. My son brought his Space Story Blanket to school to share with his friends. As soon as he pressed the start button, every one in the room, (including the helping moms and teacher) was in awe! The light show started, the tranquil sounds were playing, and little mouths were dropping. Ooohs and Ahhhs were a plenty and the kids didn't want the show to stop. Unfortunately, show and tell is limited to a few minutes. I think they would have watched for at least another 20 minutes! Hmmm, maybe all teachers should have a Story Blanket in the classroom for behavior management...

The Story Blanket is the most unique bedding you will find for your little one. Designed to help lull them into dreamland, these fabulous comforters come in two sizes, twin and full. Each blanket incorporates 133 LED lights that softly bubble to a themed soundtrack. Available themes are Space, Hero, Princess, and Kitty. To complete the bedding, coordinating pillow shams, bed skirts, and decorative pillows are also available. You can even add a bed effects light underneath to make the bed look like it's glowing. So Cool!

Lulla Bed products are very well made and easy to use. The Story Blanket runs on a battery pack that is protected on the bottom inside of the comforter. A screwdriver is necessary to open the compartment, so it is completely safe for your little ones. The Story Blanket is truly an amazing product, visit the Lulla Bed site for a demo and then surprise your cutie pie with the blanket of their dreams!

All products can be purchased directly from the Lulla Bed Site.

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