Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rockin Threads for Cool Kids: Baby Rock Apparel

If you're looking for some rockin tees for your little one, Baby Rock Apparel is the place to shop. Their unique designs are super hip and super cute. Founded by Kimberly Strayer, Baby Rock was born out of necessity. Tired of the oh so boring baby blue, Kim and her hubby Ryan wanted to create some trendy clothing that was to their liking. Baby Rock has tons of fun shirts, I love the "What happens in preschool stays in preschool" design. My son's teacher had a big smile on her face when he walked in the door wearing it! I also love the new Big/Little Brother & Sister tees. The Baby Rock versions of these are the first hip ones I've ever seen! Normally I stray away from the big/little brother designs, but these are adorable. "Search and Destroy" is a PERFECT theme for a little brother! The quality of Baby Rock Apparel is also fantastic. We have washed and worn ours several times and they still look great. Baby Rock Apparel is available in over 100 stores in the US & Canada and you can shop directly from their site. Their clothing comes packaged in adorable tin lunchcases, gift wrapped and ready to give. Sounds good, right? But wait, there's more. As the mother of two boys (I understand, I have two myself). Kim felt the need to invent another fabulous product.

The Tinkle Tube, yes, Tinkle Tube, is the answer to emergency potty situations. Sorry, moms of girls, this is just for the boys. I'm sure you are laughing about now, but really, it's a handy little item. Once in a while, they've got to go, there's no bathroom, and no available tree. What to do? Pull out your Tinkle Tube and you're good to go, literally. The Tinkle Tube is a plastic tube with caps on each end. Pull one cap off, and well, I think you can figure out the rest. I keep our Tinkle Tube in the car for emergency situations. The Tinkle Tube is available on the Baby Rock site, pick a few up today. Give them to all the moms of boys you know, you'll get a good laugh and then a big THANK YOU!

Use the code swankymoms at checkout and receive 20% off your total order!

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