Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The SLANKET: A Blanket with Sleeves!

Looking for a way to have the ultimate couch experience? Check out the Slanket. It is a super soft, oversized fleece blanket with sleeves. Yes, sleeves. It's a chilly night, you'd like to curl up with a book, but how are you going to read with your cozy blanket covering you up your arms to keep warm. Simple, put your arms through the sleeves in your Slanket.

Mastermind, Gary Clegg, dreamt up the Slanket one chilly night in Maine. He was up late, freezing cold, watching TV, and wanted to channel surf from his sleeping bag without getting frostbite on his arms! Gary got creative and grabbed some scissors. After cutting some arm holes in his sleeping bag, the idea came to him. During a trip home for the holidays, Gary had his first Slanket commissioned and then... it was born!

You can buy your very own Slanket directly from the Slanket site. Honestly though, every household needs at least two. If you purchase just one, you risk your husband and/or children taking over on it. Staying warm and playing X Box at the same time, you betcha! Slankets come in 5 fabulous colors and are sure to please anyone on your "to buy for" list. I know I LOVE mine. Put the kids to bed, grab the remote and relax with your Slanket!

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