Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sick Bear Bowl: Comfort for Upset Tummies

Yes, it is what you think it is! The NEW Sick Bear Bowl is a great product for little ones with upset tummies. Made of dishwasher safe melamine in blue, pink, and yellow, the Sick Bear Bowl provides children with a little comfort when they are not feeling so well. I'm sure you have your own "throw up" story. Kids aren't always able to make it to the bathroom or into the designated bowl or trash can you provide them with. The Sick Bear Bowl, is designed to provide children the "just right" place to throw up when sickness strikes. It has two textured handles for easy holding, a no drip rounded rim, and a tip resistant wide base which makes spills less likely. It is just the right size for children and can be used for all life's little emergencies including car/motion sickness, colds or the flu. What I love about the Sick Bear Bowl is that it is a funny BUT very practical item. It would make a great baby shower gift. Fill it with all of the newborn must haves like toiletries, medicines, cute burp cloths, a bottle, paci and a little stuffed lovie. Or, give it as a get well gift to your favorite toddler with the flu. The Sick Bear Bowl is available for purchase on the Sick Bear site. Pick one up today and keep it handy. You never know when a little tummy might erupt!

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