Monday, August 06, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: Magnetic Maze!

Looking for a great new activity to keep the kids busy during these last few weeks of summer? Try the Wonder Maze from Museum Tour. This fantastic set consists of 6 "feature" pieces (mazes, wheels, spinners and more!), 6 elbow ramps, 2 tunnels, 6 balls, and one catch box. All pieces are "jumbo" sized, perfect for ages 3 and up. The backs of the pieces are magnetic and the possibilities are endless. My boys love to work together to arrange and rearrange the pieces in all sorts of ways. Anyone that comes over (both children and adults) gravitates toward the set to create a new design. The Wonder Maze is perfect for some refrigerator fun, but I say make it big!

There are lots of fun things you can do to create a fun magnetic play area. My husband built one for my son's room with supplies from Home Depot. A large sheet of metal and some wood trim to frame it out. We painted the trim to match his room and it makes a great play place. Don't feel like waiting for your hubby to build something? Visit your local auto parts store and purchase their largest oil pan. Oil pans can be easily screwed into a wall. When I was teaching full time, I had one in my classroom and it worked great. Another option, a magnetic "white board" from your local office supply store. You can use it for magnetic fun as well as drawing with dry erase markers. If you don't want the "magnetic wall" in your home, a safe place in the garage works well, or find a nice spot in the backyard. Another fun option is magnetic paint. A friend of mine coated her son's sliding closet doors with it and it is a GREAT play surface. Along with the Wonder Maze, there are lots of fun "magnetic" sets on the market. Everything from the classic ABC's to dress up dolls, and more, your new magnetic play area will keep the kids busy and having fun.

Visit the Museum Tour site today and pick up a Wonder Maze set, actually, you may want to pick up a few! While you're there, check out all of their fantastic educational toys. Santa should definitely shop here.

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