Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look but Please Do Not Touch!

If you have a baby with health issues and are sick of strangers touching him/her while fast asleep in his/her carseat while out and about, you need to get a sign from Healthly Little Ones!

HLO offers professional quality signs (Healthy Little Ones "On The Go!") that politely say "Do Not Touch The Baby". The signs are cute, friendly and simply attach to your baby's infant car seat carrier handle (or stroller, carrier, diaper bag, etc.) with a special Velcro strap. Let the signs do the talking for you and your baby!

They also provide signs for the home that let everyone know hand washing is a MUST before touching the baby so there are no awkward moments when visitors come to see the baby!



Mother May I????? said...


Its like NOT asking to touch a pregnant womans belly!!!!

Amanda said...

that is awesome!