Tuesday, August 28, 2007

LotusPad Kids Yoga Mats

Monkey see Monkey do! Now your child can learn the art of healthy living and use his/her own yoga mat which is made especially for kids! These mats are very high quality and Lotus Pad is now offering free shipping until Labor Day!! These mats are the perfect size for kids and you can get funky straps for easy carrying. Here are just a few of the wonderful qualities of a Lotuspad Eco Yoga Mat for Kids:

  • Non-toxic – Most kids’ sticky mats are made with PVC, which leaves a heavy mark both on the environment and on our bodies.
  • Safe – The mat provides excellent traction for maximum safety.
  • Supportive – The mat’s structure gives great support because it doesn’t bottom-out on hard studio floors like many mats do.
  • Hygienic – Closed cell construction doesn’t absorb sweat and prevents bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Lightweight – Its size and composition make it easy for even the smallest children to carry with ease.
  • Decomposable – Unlike mats made of PVC, the Lotuspad won’t still be around when your children’s grandchildren go off to college! Over time, the Lotuspad will break down into harmless water and carbon dioxide, but not before providing years of good use.
  • Attractive – Your kids aren’t boring, why should their yoga mat be? Our yoga mats have elegant dual-sided colors and surface patterns.

To get your mat, http://lotuspadyogamats.com/

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