Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: Be Creative with The Learning Tower

If you've got little ones who love to help out in the kitchen, The Learning Tower by Little Partners is a must have! This great product is much much more than just a "stool." The Learning Tower is made of beautiful natural colored wood, coated with lead free varnish. The height platform is easily adjustable to fit the needs of kids ages 2-6. Its enclosed sides make a safe environment so children can work at the counter sturdy & wobble free. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. And after a batch of chocolate chip cookies you will really appreciate that! Summertime is the perfect time for some cooking fun, for great "kid friendly" recipes, visit: cdkitchen. Let your little ones plan a "End of Summer" dinner. They choose the menu items, make a list of what you need, visit the grocery store, and come home for some cooking fun!
With some creativity, The Learning Tower can be just about anything. Check out the Playhouse Accessory Kit. With this great little add on, you can easily turn your Learning Tower into a Puppet Theatre, Lemonade Stand, Drive-Thru, or Doll House.
Order your Learning Tower today, click here to find a store near you!

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