Wednesday, May 16, 2007

True Learning: Keep Them Learning All Year Long

If you haven't heard of True Learning, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with this wonderful site. Again it's the teacher in me, but if you've got little ones ages 3-6, this site is really a must visit. True Learning is the first site of its kind. You purchase a one year subscription and then have access to over 3,000 educational worksheets and activities to complete. What I really love about the site are the fun graphics. My boys, ages 3 & 5 were very drawn to them. The activities are all progressional. Each of the 6 subjects (math, literacy, thinking, motor skills, art & world) have 4 levels of progression. All of the worksheets are colorful and have very inviting graphics. The site does require a lot of printing, however, I have found an excellent solution to this. Print the pages and put them in clear sheet protectors. Get some dry erase markers and put them in a binder. You can then use them over and over and make the most of your ink! True Learning also has a fun blog with great kids' activities. In addition to the blog, little ones can explore True Town and all of its adorable characters (no subscription is necessary for True Town or the blog). It is really amazing how in depth this site is. Visit True Learning for more info and some sample pages. They also have a terrific resource page with links to more great sites for kids. This is a wonderful summer activity to keep your little ones exercising the most important part of their body!

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