Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anything's a Bib with the SnapT Bib Clip

My new favorite purse item, the SnapT bib clip by eTooti! This tiny accessory is a huge lifesaver. The SnapT turns any towel or napkin into a fully functional bib. Perfect for eating out and super easy to use, the SnapT comes in 4 different designs, and is fully adjustable to fit anyone! What I love about the SnapT is the fact that even my 3 year old can use it. He's too much of a "big boy" for a bib, but he has no problem at all snapping a napkin to the SnapT. I can't tell you how many pre-laundry "soakings" this has saved me. From spaghetti to pizza, the mess stays on the napkin, not the shirt! You can't go wrong with this product, eTooti offers a money back guarantee and a one year warranty. However, I can promise you that you won't want you money back. My guess is that you will be back for more. My personal guarantee, the SnapT will soon be your favorite accessory too!

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