Monday, May 07, 2007

Potty MD: Potty Problems Be Gone

Nolan See, Nolan Do, Nolan Pee, Nolan Poo....Well, it's done! My little guy is potty trained, no more diapers, I am thrilled. With the help of the fabulous site Potty MD, I was able to potty train my son without tears (of my own) in one week. You must check out the Potty Monkey, yes, that's right, I said Potty Monkey. The Potty Monkey is a must have potty training product. This terrific combination set comes with several helpful tools to use while potty training. Developed by a pediatric urologist, the Potty Monkey comes with his own little potty that makes a real flushing sound. The super soft stuffed monkey has in internal timer in which you can set to either 30 or 90 minutes. This way you can be consistent on getting your little one to the potty to "try." The monkey will talk when you place him on the potty and says phrases to your child, like "I need to go potty, let's go potty." I found that having my son help "potty train" the monkey in turn helped him be potty trained. However, the monkey and potty are not all that comes with the set. You also receive a wonderful book titled "The Potty Trainer" and a children's board book called "Monkey Learns to Potty." My son LOVES this book, it's very cute, hence the first line in this review... Monkey also comes with a diaper and "big monkey" underwear which was very helpful to show my son the importance of trading in his diapers for "big boy" undies.

The Potty Monkey can be purchased on the Potty MD site. This site is the most informative site about potty training I have come across. It has information and products to help with general potty training, bed wetting, constipation and even offers a personal phone consultation service for frustrated or concerned families.

Let Potty MD help you train your little monkey!

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