Monday, May 28, 2007

Phil & Ted's MeToo Chair: Little Ones Love the Big Table

Regal Lager brings us some of the best brands in the children's market. One of these is the popular Phil & Teds line. We all know that they make a great stroller, but did you know about their wonderful MeToo Chair? This portable chair is super lightweight and folds completely flat for easy portability. At only 2 pounds, this small but powerful chair can hold a toddler up to 40 pounds. The MeToo is also very easy to use, 2 "C" clamps attach it to just about any table, and a 3 point harness strap system keeps your little one safe and sound. Its nylon seat is machine washable and is available in red, black, and navy. What I love about the MeToo is the fact that I know my son is in a clean seat when we are out to dinner. I've always been disgusted by public high chairs and the MeToo makes it more than easy to bring your own seat with you. Whether you're at home, out to dinner, or on vacation, the MeToo is a must have. So, ditch the high chair and let your little one join you at the table! Visit Regal Lager and pick up a MeToo chair today.

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