Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bring Out the Genius in Your Child: The Young Scientists Club

I've always known my 5 year old had an interest in science, he loves to inspect things, ask questions, take things apart, TRY to put them back together, solve problems, etc. So, when I was introduced to The Young Scientists Club, I knew it was right up his alley. However, I didn't know it would bring out the genius in him! With 2 friends over for a playdate, I figured it would be fun to try out one of their many fantastic kits. Volcano Madness seemed like a good place to start. The directions are very clear, the supplies are all included (except the vinegar), and the instruction guide makes it easy for anyone to teach the concept at hand. The volcano kit is so thorough. It comes with a little pumice stone to represent the "volcanic" rock. The first part the the experiment asks "Do you think the stone will sink or float?" The three boys had split opinions, but my son said, "No mom it WILL float." So, we put it in the water and it sure did. So, I then asked the boys why they thought it was floating. The first answer, "It's gray." The second answer, "It has little holes in it." My son's answer, "Because the water is heavier than the rock." So, I look at the "teacher" guide and sure enough, he was right. Since he can't read, I know he didn't see the answer. I was stunned! When I asked him how he knew that, he said, "I just thought about it mom." WOW! Anyhow, the lesson ended with a bang, literally. The boys love to watch the lava erupt and learned some cool things along the way. The Volcano Madness kit is one of the eight Adventure Science Kits. With everything from bubbles to magnets to water and weather, you will find something great to explore.

The Young Scientists Club offers 36 different Science Kits, you can even join their "Once A Month" subscription that brings you a new kit each month. What a fantastic gift, learning and fun wrapped up together. AND, it's always fun to get a package in the mail. They also have a new Magic School Bus Series that is inspired by the wonderful book series. These comprehensive kits include fun topics such as The World of Germs, Mysteries of Rainbows, and Journey into the Human Body. The Young Scientist series has been designed for children 5 and up. I highly recommend this unique and amazing line.

All products are available on The Young Scientists Club site, pick some up today. They're great to have on hand. Whether it's one on one time with your little ones or a playdate afternoon, you will love the looks in their eyes as they ponder the new concepts you introduce to them.

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