Wednesday, May 09, 2007

E-Mail for Grandma, Presto: It's Magic!

If you've got a loved one in your life, with no access to e-mail, the Presto printing mailbox by HP is the PERFECT gift. This fabulous product allows you to send e-mail messages and pictures by using just a phone line. What's great about the Presto is that everything about it is simple. I set my grandmother up with one and she is in LOVE. Every morning at 8:00, she receives messages from family members and she has to do absolutely nothing but remove them from the paper tray! I control all of the settings on the unit from the Presto site. On her end, she just makes sure it's plugged in. I can even monitor her paper and ink levels. Another fabulous feature is the fact that I control who can e-mail her, I enter her "Presto Friends" therefore, there is no junk mail that comes through. Just family fun!

During the initial set up, I had to contact customer service a few times. My grandmother lives a few hours away, she's not at all a technology buff, so we had a few "kinks" to work out. The customer service representatives were unbelievable. They answered all of my questions and even personally called my grandmother to walk her through some questions she had.

Get Grandma and Grandpa connected, Presto is the PERFECT way to do this.
Presto is currently offering a special Mother's Day offer on their Website. From now until Mother's Day you can get $50 off a unit ($99 instead of the regular $150). This is a fabulous deal for a fabulous product.

Check out the Swanky Moms Presto giveaway on our main page. One lucky Swanky Mom will receive a free Presto HP Printing Mailbox and a free three-month Presto service subscription. The total value of the prize package is $180.

**Presto Service only works in the U.S. The receiver of the unit has to live in the U.S., but family and friends outside of the U.S . can still e-mail and send photos to the receiver. For example, if the winner is in Canada but wants to win Presto for her mom, in the US, we will ship it to her mom in the U.S. The winner in Canada will then be able to e-mail and send photos to mom in the U.S.

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