Wednesday, March 12, 2008

With nearly 80 degree weather most of the week here in southern California, Flip Flop season has officially started (it never really ends at our house). What's more fun than a new pair of flip flops for the warm weather? How about a pair of flip flops with secret compartments? How about a pair of flip flops with secret compartments that hold a story book? How about a pair of flip flops with secret compartments that hold a story book in which your child will learn valuable life lessons? YES! Flip n' Flops are a genius new creation designed to teach children compassion and empathy, their motto "Put Yourself in My Shoes."

Flip n' Flops come in 4 different colors: army green, bubble gum pink, purple poncho & surfer blue. They are available in 3 sizes (10/11, 12/13 & 1/2). The secret compartments are stored securely in the soles of the flip flops and are removed by sliding them in and out of the "heel" area. Each compartment comes with an adorable story book that has a great lesson. The books each tell a different tale, for example "Good Day" in the left shoe and "Bad Day" in the right. Each pair of Flip n' Flops comes with one pair of stories. However, there are a total of five different sets. So if you'd like, you have the option to buy a variety of stories to change out. In addition to "Good Day/Bad Day," you can also purchase "Dashing Dolphin/Steady Turtle," "Manners are for Me/Sharing is for Us," "New Kid/Neighborhood Kid," and "Sports Star/Book Buster." All stores feature the adorable "Flip n' Flop Friends and are printed on water resistant paper.

The overall consensus at my house is that these flip flops are the "Coolest Ever!" My almost 4 year old loves the stories and my 6 year old thinks the secret compartments "ROCK." He already has plans on stashing hidden treasures in them when we're out and about. He also asked me if he could carry around his own spending money! Which actually is a great idea.

Too bad they don't make these in adult sizes, I mean, stick your key, money, ID and credit card in there and you're good for a day at the beach, pool, or park. Come on, Flip n' Flop Adventures, mommy wants some too!

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