Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Baskets are Out, ZipBins are IN!

Call the Easter Bunny! This year I've found a basket replacement that is sure to spice up Easter Giving. The ZipBin by Neat-Oh is a toy chest that is also a toy! Yep, storage and fun in one. The "bins" come in several different themes. Whether you've got a dino lover or a unicorn enthusiast, you'll be sure to find a fit for your little one. The bins come in 4 different sizes, from mini to large. They can also be purchased with or without toys, but I definitely recommend paying a few dollars more for the toys. We have the Dinosaur Playscape in medium (picture at right shows the mini) and my boys are obsessed with it. The bin unzips into a fabulous "dinosaur island" play mat. It came with 4 dinosaurs and the kids have a blast playing with it. It's wonderful for creative play. I've seen the dinos do everything from having dinner together to jumping in and out of the volcano, pretty exciting. Set up and clean up is a breeze, even my 3 year old has figured out the side zippers that turn it back into a storage bin. With a Velcro closure lid and sturdy carrying handles, the ZipBin is easily portable. A GREAT on the go toy. There is also a ton of room in the bin. I went to Target and bought my boys a bunch of extra dinos, so now it's a highly populated prehistoric playground!

If you've got girls, the Fairy Castle and Unicorn sets are the way to go. Crafty kids will love the Creative Kits. There's also an adorable farm and a train set that has become a fast favorite at my house. With toys, the mini ZipBins are only $9.99! A great gift at an even greater price. The quality is fantastic, and the kids love them. Can you say win-win situation?

The ZipBin is a genius product, I really don't know how it's taken me so long to discover it, but now that I have, it's my new favorite gift to give. For more information and to stock up on ZipBins, visit

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