Sunday, March 02, 2008

B.Y.O.G. - Fashionable Labor & Delivery Gowns DO Exist

Fashionably, there's not much worse than a dingy blue, open in the back, yucky-used hospital gown. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that the ones I had to wear even had holes in them and were stamped with the hospital's name! Not very fashion forward. Especially since the day you give birth is guaranteed to be a big picture taking day, right? Well, lucky for you, I've found a solution that will save you from the dreaded hospital issued gowns. B.Y.O.G. (you guessed it, Bring Your Own Gown), offers mommies-to-be a stylish hospital gown that will make you look great no matter how your body feels-I really didn't feel photogenic after a c-section, but had I been wearing my B.Y.O.G. I would have felt much better about saying "CHEESE!"

The gowns come in 6 different fabrics, my favs are the Appletini and the Bluebird. They come with a super cute removable ribbon tie that makes them look more like a dress than a hospital gown. Take the ribbon off for L & D then put it on to look cute when you're back in your recovery room! The gowns are 100% super soft cotton and are machine washable. They are available in two sizes S/M (pre-pregnancy size 0-8) and L/XL (pre-pregnancy sizes 10-16). I know, you're already sold, but wait... there's more! The shoulder sleeves unsnap for easy nursing AND there are snaps down the back, so you won't have to BA your visitors when you get up for a potty break!

Honestly, I think that the B.Y.O.G. is a fabulous idea, it would make a great shower gift, the baby gets spoiled no matter what, so why not spoil mommy with a great item to stick in the "hospital here we come" bag? I think that any mom-to-be would appreciate a B.Y.O.G. And really, the gown is not limited to the maternity wing. If you know anyone having surgery or someone who is in the hospital for other reasons, I think the B.Y.O.G. would bring a smile to their face. I know on a rough day, a cute outfit always helps me!

Visit the B.Y.O.G. site and spoil yourself or someone you know. With the B.Y.O.G. you're sure to be the hippest hospital hottie! Use the code "swanky" for 15% off your order.

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