Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flippin' Out Over the Flip (Video, that is)

I'm not exaggerating when I say that every household should have what I recently discovered. My new all time favorite, go everywhere with me accessory, is the Flip Video. I can remember when my parents got our first video camera. The thing was literally the size of a suitcase, it recorded on full size VHS tapes. We thought we were so high tech! Who knew that just a few years later (ok, a few more than a few years later...) there would be a video camera smaller than a wallet with great resolution, that was easy to use and stylish too?

The Flip Video fits in the palm of your hand, it takes two AA batteries (that seem to last forever), turn it on with the slide of a switch, press play and record up to 60 minutes of footage without any tapes! Yes, I said NO TAPES! When you're ready, you can easily load your videos onto the computer with no troubles whatsoever. You literally need NO special computer skills to view and share your videos. Simply "flip" out the connected USB Arm and plug it directly into your computer. The software is built in to the Flip, so when you insert it in to your USB, a screen pops up that allows you to view, organize, edit, and share your videos.

My absolute favorite thing about the Flip is how easy it is to share video clips with friends and family. There is an option to send a "video" card, you simply choose a video clip to send then choose a card design. The Flip automatically converts the video to an "e-mail" that is not a gigantic file and recipients can open it right away with no download time! There are a ton of cards to choose from, Thank You, Congratulations, Birthday, and so many more. The Flip comes in various colors with different features. I recommend the Flip Ultra 2 GB camera. The best resolution, with the longest recording time. You can view all of the specs on the Flip site to decide which camera is best for your family.

My first experience with the Flip was my son's Kindergarten Jog A Thon (see video below and please note that the transfer to blogger made it a little fuzzy, but the original video is crystal clear), I was able to take a clip of him running and then send out a video thank you card to all of his sponsors. Since then, we have been using the Flip daily, whether it's a "Knock Knock" joke to brighten up Dad's day at work, or a quick hello to Grandma, the Flip is truly a joy to have around. You can also, add effects and music to the videos as well as take still shots from the clips for photos!

I am completely serious when I say that everyone needs a Flip. What a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, plus it's easy and fun! You can't go wrong. I've only been using the Flip for 2 weeks, and 3 friends of mine have already purchased them! I'm telling you, it's beyond fantastic.

Visit and start flipping out for your own Flip!


Burgin Streetman said...

i'm too seconds away from buying one.

whitebox weddings said...

i agree...everyone needs a flip! i carry mine in my pocket book. you never know when your 3 year old is going to do something priceless!