Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby Celebration LA Pre-Event with Radio Disney

Baby Celebration LA…which is due at the LA Convention Center South Hall – Hall K April 12-13 is doing a pre-event with Radio Disney…actually a couple of them and you probably want to know…’cause there are great prizes…really great!

Head to the “Avenue of the Peninsula” (It’s in Palos Verdes) Saturday March 15 this event is co-sponsored by Radio Disney…ok, yes you really do get a pass to the mall but just look at the things you can win! Pregnant mommies…you are beautiful right now. We know you may not feel that way, but you are! To prove a point we are searching for one gorgeous pregnant mom (again, you are all gorgeous) to walk the “Mommy Catwalk” at 12:00 noon on Saturday March 15. One mom chosen will actually participate in the professional “Celebrate the Bump” Fashion Show at Baby Celebration LA held at the LA Convention Center South Hall – Hall K April 12-13. Check out the Baby Celebration LA website at for more details.

Dads, you don’t get away that easily. Here is your chance to prove that you are the daddy with the best daddy skills of all the dads at the mall! Competition is a good thing. So daddy, get in the car with your family head for the “Avenue of the Peninsula” on Saturday, March 15 and wear your fastest shoes. When you enter the Baby Celebration LA “Daddython” sponsored by Graco, you could win big! Log on to for details, click on 08 pre-events. Some of the prizes are really amazing. Trust me, the mommy in your life will be truly appreciative and you could be the best dad for many years to come. Just think about it… the stories of your big win could be told over and over again for the next 10 or twenty years. Ok, maybe just a few months but hey!

Mark your calendars right now! Save the date March 15… and go to website for more details! See you there!

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