Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Safe Place for Pearly Whites: Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book

Well, it's FINALLY happened. After weeks of being loose and finally hanging by a thread, my 6 year old has lost his first tooth! I don't know about your little ones, but my son wouldn't let us near his loose tooth, so it took forever to come out. When he first noticed his loose tooth, he began planing his tooth fairy experience. He told me that he wanted to write the tooth fairy and see if he could keep his teeth. I figured that was a reasonable request and thought that the tooth fairy could honor it. Now, what to do with those teeth.... I found a perfect solution. The Tooth Fairy Keepsake box by Tooth Fairy Keepsake Gifts. This great little "book" looks like a hard cover book, when you open it the left side features a cute little tooth fairy poem and a space to put your child's picture. On the right side is a diagram showing the graphical representations and dental terminology that corresponds with your child's twenty baby teeth. There are date entry lines for filling in the dates that a child's baby teeth fall out. As the teeth fall out, you poke a hole in the correct location where the tooth has fallen out on the diagram. Then, add a little bit of water base glue, push the baby tooth in to display the teeth.

I love that I have a place to keep my boys' baby teeth safe and sound. I know my tooth fairy kept my baby teeth in a little baggie in her medicine cabinet. I think they were lost in the shuffle somewhere. I love knowing my boys will have a unique keepsake that they can share with their children.

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Books are available in blue and pink. The site also carries adorable tooth fairy pillows. A great place to keep those teeth while they await the tooth fairy's transfer into their keepsake books.

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