Monday, October 29, 2007

REMO: Swanky Sounds for the Holidays!

You may consider my statement crazy, but YES, I am suggesting that you get the kids drums for Christmas. REMO makes an amazing set called Sound Shapes that is not your typical bang-bang, make lots of noise drum set. Instead, it's a fantastic learning tool that is fun for the whole family. This super cool set comes with various shapes, each one making a different sound. Each size and shape has it's own super fun glittery color! The connector & leg sets allow you to create your own custom drum table. My favorite part is that they're very easy to assemble and you can change the configuration over and over. We've been having so much fun with the set, and I promise you, it's not at all an "annoying" toy.

We have all sorts of fun activities that we like to do. We've been working on colors and patterns. I do a "sample" and then the boys imitate my "moves." For example, "green, purple, purple, green, yellow." Then they must repeat the pattern. You can also do it with shapes or mix the colors and shapes, "yellow circle, red triangle, yellow circle." As a former teacher, I love the educational aspect of this set. As a mom, I love to see my boys getting interested in music, while learning, patterns, shapes, colors and following instructions. On a side note, the set is irresistible to adults too! Nearly every "grown up" that comes over must take their turn on the sound shapes.

I highly suggest you whisper "REMO SOUND SHAPES" into Santa's ear this holiday season. I promise, the kids will have fun, and so will you!

You can purchase directly from REMO or visit their store finder to find a retailer near you.

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Eccentricitous Navel said...

I love these. I just purchased a set of the circles for my music studio. (I teach a children's choir but we also get into rythms and theory) the first day I got them though my own children and I played with them for an hour and it would have continued but I had to make dinner and the kids had to set the table. (as it was Dinner was still late)