Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Chef Antonio Frontera and was thrilled when he handed me a copy of his book Chicken Soup for the Soul "Kids in the Kitchen." My boys LOVE helping out in the kitchen and we have a handful of kids cookbooks. However, this book tops them all! The recipes are very easy to follow, the photography is fantastic, and all of the little extra "stories" are very heartwarming. The book features information on nutrition and has a great Let's Get Started" section with need to know kitchen information (safety, math, vocabulary, utensils, etc). There are TONS of recipes in this book and it's broken down into the meals that our kids know: breakfast, lunch, dinner and my favorite chapter, dessert!

Some of our favorites are the Spaghetti Pie, Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast, and I can't wait to try Grandpa Joe's Jelly Cookies.

Chicken Soup for the Soul "Kids in the Kitchen" is a must have family cookbook. Everyone benefits from spending time together in the kitchen, from preparation to chow time, your children will love every minute. Quality time together, a good meal, and the satisfaction of knowing that they played an important role in meal time, what could be better? Oh wait, I know, getting them to clean up the mess too!

Chicken Soup for the Soul "Kids in the Kitchen" is priced under $15.00 and can be purchased on Get your copy today and get the whole family cookin' in the kitchen!

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FENICLE said...

That sounds like a great family cookbook. It would make a good gift too!!