Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monica Rich Kosann

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with a beautiful locket necklace by Monica Rich Kosann. I have the signature floral half locket which is perfect for one picture and is designed to wear with the image side down, facing your heart. It is Sterling Silver with a one inch case embellished with the signature floral pattern. It comes on an 18-inch chain with an extra chain loop to make it adjustable to 16-inches, so it always falls in the right place no matter what you are wearing and allows for layering with other necklaces! What a beautiful timeless treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation. Also, check out their site to see which celebrities are wearing Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry!

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Anonymous said...

I love Monica Rich Kosann -- She has designed a fabulous miniature house to be auctioned off to benefit the charity Women In Need. Please support the WIN "Homes for the Holidays" auction by placing a bid on her house at .
WIN is Women In Need, which shelters 1500 children every night - half of whom are under 5. Being a mother myself I can't imagine not being able to provide a warm safe bed for my child, yet that is what the WIN clients face on a daily basis. WIN teaches the life skills women need to care for their families and flourish independently. Over 90% of the women who graduate from WIN and find permanent housing are still in that housing two years later.

Here's the link: please place a bid on one of these houses and support a WIN family.