Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hip-T: You'll Thank Me for This One, I Promise!

I don't care how hot you are (or how hot you think you are), your thong is not something you need to be exposing to the world. I mean come on, even my 7 year old is laughing at you when you bend over! No matter what you paid for it, or how cute you think it is, it's really not anyone's business but your own...

SO, let me help you solve this problem, plus some others, which include adding an adorable layer to your tee without the bulk of a whole tee, and covering up the little muffin top that those designer jeans often create. The Hip-t, which I totally love, is a fast and easy way to add some color to an outfit while covering up your "assets." I really try my best not to expose my behind, after all, crack does kill, but I know once in a while it happens. No more, I declare! My Hip-t solves that problem completely and I can bend and kneel to tie my son's shoes without any worries or drafts!

Super soft, machine washable, and comfy to boot, the Hip-t comes in 12 fashionable colors and 9 sizes that range from XXS (girls 10-12) to 3XL. They also have some that are trimmed with lace which are really cute. I have the olive and the burnt orange which are fantastic, but I think I need more! Honestly, I want all of them. The Hip-t is reasonably priced and right now shipping is free. Visit and stock up today. The Hip-t will surely be your new favorite accessory, trust me when I say pick out a few, you'll be wearing them often....

Hip-t is offering one of our readers a Hip-t of their choice. To win, simply visit and e-mail me at with your favorite color. If you're the 10th Swanky Mom that I hear from, it will be yours!

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Lorie said...

Those are cute! And in the AZ heat no one wants to have to wear two shirts. THose are the perfect solution.