Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 & Adobe Premiere Elements 7 Bundle.

Organize, Edit, Create & Share! These are the 4 main areas of Adobe Premiere Elements 7. This software is capable of doing so many wonderful things with your photos and videos. In the Organize area, you can organize all your images, video clips, and audio clips. You can tag all your files with keywords so when you want to make a video you just pull them by keywords, no need to manually organize your files by subcategories. In the Edit area, you can fix your photos with the automatic quick fixers or you can manually fix your photos by touching up blemishes, lightening, taking out the red eye, and much more. In the Create area, you can create a photo book, slide show, photo calendar, and photo collage. In the Share area, you can print, order and email your fabulous creations to your friends and family! Create beautiful collages with your photos or a memorable movie with your video clips. Lots of fun and creative ways to display your memories with Adobe Premiere Elements 7!

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