Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pet Pals Animal Doctor & Zoo Vet Endangered Animals

Do you have an animal lover in your family? A future veterinarian? If so, you must own these games, Pet Pals (for Wii) & Zoo Vet (for DS). With the Pet Pals, you are a veterinarian and you treat your patients with over 30 different cases from sunburn to snakebites, they cover it. You can treat dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas, and more! They also have mini games, like puzzles and matching. The Zoo Vet game is similar to Pet Pals but you are interacting with a diverse group of zoo animals such as gorillas, penguins, polar bears, and more! It also has has mini games, like jigsaw puzzles and trivia! Both games are rated E (everyone) 10+.

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