Sunday, March 01, 2009

Make Your Party Perfect with the Aloha Chiller!

Recently, I scoured the Los Angeles Gift Show only to find a small handful of products I felt that were a must share with Swanky Moms around the world! The Aloha Chill'R was definitely my favorite find. Invented by a team of Swanky Moms on the beautiful island of Oahu, The Aloha Chill'R was created out of necessity. With a lifestyle that includes beach parties, ball games, and get togethers with friends, the creative mommy duo got fed up with warm pot lucks and set out to solve their problem!

I too, love to throw parties and when I saw this product, I knew it was a hostess must have. Simple, sturdy & sleek, the Aloha Chill'R is made of clear high grade acrylic and will keep your party food fresh, cool, and pest free! Simply add ice to the bottom container and fill the inner compartment area with your favorite party foods you'd like to keep chilled. Perfect for any salad, green, pasta or fruit. Also great for salsa and dips. Really the serving possibilities are endless! Available in 2 sizes, the small Aloha Chill'R has 2 compartments, while the large holds one big single dish. I love the fact that the Aloha Chill'R is clear, this accentuates the food and makes the product work with any type of party. Whether you're hosting a Star Wars birthday party for your 5 year old, or holding an elegant bridal shower for your little sis, the Aloha Chill'R will fit right in! Another feature I love? It stores so nicely, the lids fit right into the unit so it is nice and compact, not another bulky item to add to your cupboard. One use and the Aloha Chill'R will forever be a fixture of your party hosting days.

Visit the Aloha Chill'R site today and be sure to pick up both sizes. After all, you never know what you're going to be asked to bring to the party!

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