Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kernel Season's

If you love popcorn, you have to try Kernel Season's!!! Wow!! My whole family loves it (including my two picky boys)! They have popcorn kernels, microwave popcorn, spritzers, theatre butter and popcorn seasonings. The Popcorn Spritzer is a great idea, it is butter flavored and you just spritz it on your freshly popped popcorn and then sprinkle on your seasonings. It helps the seasonings stick and adds a nice buttery flavor and it has 0 fat and 0 calories!!! If you crave the taste of movie theatre popcorn, try the Movie Theatre Popping and Topping Oil. Kernel Season`s also sells popcorn machines, popcorn forks (so you dont get greasy fingers), gift baskets and more! Now you can have movie night in the comfort of your own home!! Also, you can use the seasonings to spice up your veggies, soups, casseroles and pastas, check out the website for some cool recipes.


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