Monday, July 23, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: Outdoor Movie Night with Epson's MovieMate

If you ask either of my boys, last Saturday night was the best night of their Summer! We hosted a Star Wars themed outdoor movie night for 5 families and with the help of the best invention on the face of the earth, it went off without a hitch. The Epson MoiveMate is a portable high quality projector that can turn any wall into a SIMPLE "real life" movie theater experience. When the MovieMate first arrived, I thought it might be complicated to set up. Boy, was I completely wrong. You literally plug the cord into the system and plug it into an outlet. Voila! With two simple steps, you have your very own cinema with the comforts of home. What is truly amazing about the MovieMate is that you can adjust the picture size and level with a simple turn of a dial. The picture can adjust from 80" to a gigantic 12 foot image. This means the movie will look just as great on the living room wall as it will on the side of your house! Getting ready for the party, we experimented a ton. We decided that the back of our house would be the perfect spot. We played around with the sizing and seriously, no matter what the size, the picture was crystal clear. The sounds is also amazing. Our guests were just as impressed with the MovieMate as we were. Star Wars never looked or sounded so fantastic. The best part of the night was watching everyone curled up in blankets on their "lawn" chairs munching on snacks in our own backyard. The applause at the end of the movie said it all, I wonder what our neighbors were thinking when they heard the battling of X-Wings vs Tie Fighters? Wait, I know what they were thinking... How come we weren't invited!?!

The Epson MoiveMate can be purchased directly from the Epson Site. You can watch a great movie here, that shows you exactly how simple the MovieMate is to set up and enjoy. Epson is currently offering free shipping on the MovieMate, so purchase today to make sure you take advantage of this great offer. If you think the MovieMate is a bit out of your budget, find a few family members or good friends to go in on the unit and share. I'm telling you, it will be worth every penny. Think of the fun you can have at slumber parties, birthdays, family events, scouting activities, and much much more. The possibilities are truly endless. With the Epson MoiveMate, you will never have to go to the movies again. Your kitchen is your snack bar, and the restrooms are line free. Pure heaven.

About the theme: To make your outdoor movie night extra special, pick a theme that your children know and love. My boys are currently obsessed with Star Wars. So, we thought only fitting to make this our theme. We found the cookbook "Wookie Cookies" and planned our meal completely from the book. The main course was Crazy Cantina Chili and Tie Fighter Ties (pigs in a blanket made to look like Tie Fighters). We also served delicious Jabba Jiggle (the hit of the party-lime jello with pineapple and mandarin oranges), Yoda Soda, Tatooine Taters (tater tots), Wookie Cookies, and R2 D2 Treats (halved bananas dipped in white chocolate & peanuts with Kit Kat legs-YUM). If you are a Star Wars fan, this book is a must have. One of our guests brought "Light Sabers" for everyone. She cleverly cut "pool noodles" in half and taped a "handle" on one end with black duct tape. The kids had a blast safely battling each other with the super soft foam "Light Sabers." I also purchased "glow necklaces" for the kids to wear outside during the movie. Everyone brought their own movie snacks, blankets, and lawn chairs. We definitely created a memory that will last a lifetime.

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