Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: Clean and Polite, Now That's What I Like!

Looking for a great new placemat and good manners to go along with it? Check out the fabulous Piggy Platter by Smarty Parents. It's a placemat and a craft mat! What I love about the Piggy Platter is that fact that you can personalize it to your child's interest. Its clear surface allows you to slide pictures underneath. You can display your child's artwork, a favorite picture from a magazine, photographs, or, purchase the clever "Platter Pix" from the Smarty Parents site and help your child learn ABC's, 123's, Shapes, Geography and more! I LOVE the letter practice sheet. It comes with a child safe dry erase pen so your little one can practice writing letters and then you can just wipe it clean. Speaking of wiping it clean, the Piggy Platter is also dishwasher safe. Whether it's a messy spaghetti dinner or an afternoon of Play-Doh sculpting, the Piggy Platter keeps your table and your child clean! It also has a removable "gutter" to catch the spills or store the supplies. In addition to their Piggy Platters, Smarty Parents offers manners minded board books and music. Their adorable piggies, Penny and Perry, are toddler piglets who are learning the "proper" way to eat at the grown up table. Visit Smarty Parents today, and get your little piggy a platter! Summertime is the perfect time to get crafty, and why not brush up on manners while you're at it! I recommend the Gift Pack, you get a Piggy Platter, 3 Platter Pix, and the It's Neat to Eat board book for $32.95, a fantastic deal!

Be sure to check out their "Pig Slop" section for great family fun recipes that are easy to make and neat to eat! They also have a great section about teaching manners to little ones and parent resource articles on how to raise "polite little piggies."

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