Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: A BIG Game of Go Fish

Who doesn't love a game of Go Fish? Well, how about a BIG game of Go Fish? With the Jumbo Playing Cards from Learning Resources, you can play your biggest game ever. My boys get such a kick out of playing with the Jumbo Cards. Each card measures 4.5" x 7" and is coated for durability. The cards are super sturdy and the graphics are adorable. Kings, Queens, and Jacks greet you with delightful expressions and easily hold the attention of their audience. The size of the cards helps little ones to organize more easily, plus it's just plain fun to play with giant cards! The deck is great for travel. I recently brought our deck on a train trip excursion and I had a line of kids waiting to play Go Fish with us. Even though they are "giant" they still fit well in the travel goody bag. Pick up a deck of Jumbo Playing Cards today, for $9.95 you can't go wrong. Surprise your little ones when you break out the giant deck while waiting to board the airplane, they will love it!

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