Sunday, July 15, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: GO HOG WILD!

Looking for some super fun kitchen activities to do with your little ones this summer? Visit Hog Wild Toys for all sorts of great accessories that your kids will have a blast with. My boys LOVE making cookies, so when I got out the Dino Puzzle Cookie Cutter, they could barely contain themselves. This giant plastic "puzzle" is simple to use, simply roll out some sugar cookie dough (we used pre-made dough found at the grocery store) and press the cutter into the dough. The size of the cutter is 13" x 8" which fits perfectly on a cookie sheet. What is super cool about the cutter is that the center is a removable little dino that can be used to make individual dino cookies. Also check out their one piece chopsticks, perfect for fine motor activities and a great trainer for the real thing! We have some of the Zoo Sticks and my boys love to use them at dinner time. It's actually quite motivating to use the sticks, they love the challenge of "cleaning their plates" with the Zoo Sticks. ON A SIDE NOTE: Both the Dino Puzzle Cookie Cutter and the Zoo Sticks can be used with Play-Doh for some craft time fun.

Hog Wild has fantastic products that are tons of fun, and very affordable. Visit their site today and be sure to check out EVERYTHING. Some must sees include the Supreme Moo Mixer, Temperature Controlled Faucet Light, Atomic Food Containers (very fun for school lunches), and their do it yourself Swan Ice Sculpture. The quality of Hog Wild's products is superb and the smiles you get during use will be priceless!

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