Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moms are So Smart!

The more I look at the products available for babies today, the more I realize moms are so smart! Moms are coming up with the coolest products for their babies and are starting businesses to share the product with others!

One such cool product is called "Comfy Crawlers", a functional and stylish crawling pant designed to provide protection for your crawler's knees. Marina Westerdahl, designer and Mom, created Comfy Crawlers out of concern for her own son who was learning to crawl on tile floors in the family home. When she couldn't find anything on the market to satisfy her needs, she made a pair of pants with padded knees. Soon she was selling to friends and Gissy Bella was born.

Comfy Crawlers are made of super soft ultra-suede, which is stain-resistant and breathable. They feature cushy padding on the knees and bum to cushion falls and a single-button adjustable waistband. Comfy Crawlers are available in 6 rich colors for boys and girls.

Pants that protect your crawling baby's knees? Yeah, that's cool. Buy a pair for your baby and everyone you know that is going to have a baby. They are sure to be the favorite pants to wear! Shop Gissy Bella for a great pair of pants "Designed by a mommy & loved by babies."

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MiniMe Mom said...

That is a very smart invention! I wish I would have had those when my son was crawling, it would have saved his poor little knees!