Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Made For Mom: Little Things That Make Life A LOT Easier

If you're not familiar with Made for Mom products, now is the time to familiarize yourself. A few of my favorites include the genius Snack Trap, the Spout Sprout, and the Lil' Topper. All three of these items make life a lot easier! The Snack Trap is the ultimate way to to stop a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Crunched into the ground Cheerios! It's simple, a small cup with easy to hold handles and a soft lid that allows little hands in and out without spilling everything all over the place. It can be turned upside down, shaken around, and it's magical, no spills! There is also the new Snap Over Lid which keeps snacks fresh and secure while not in use.

The Spout Sprout is universal spill-proof cap that turns any 16 0z. (and up) store-bought plastic juice container into the equivalent of a sip cup. The special one-piece cap automatically prevents fluid from spilling or leaking. Talk about convenient, this great product solves a huge problem for me. My "independent" two year old wants to drink like his big brother, NO SIPPY CUPS. Well, the Spout Sprout lid turns "big boy" juice into an acceptable container for him and I don't have to worry about spills! I LOVE IT!

Similar to the Spout Sprout, the Lil' Topper does the same for water bottles. How many times have you handed your little one a bottle of water when they want to "do it themselves" and then half of the bottle ends up on them? Well, screw on a Lil' Topper and problem solved. No more spills or leaks.

Made for Moms is currently offering a GREAT deal for Swanky Moms. Please use the code swanky15 for a 15% discount on all Made for Mom products. ALSO, if you purchase 3 or more items, shipping is only 1 Cent, you can't beat that. COUPON CODE IS VALID THROUGH MARCH 31st, so act fast!

Visit Made for Moms today and make your life easier. Their products make great gifts too, so stock up and pass them out generously!

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