Sunday, February 04, 2007

AllergiK ID: Keeping Kids with Allergies Safer

Luckily, both of my boys have no allergies that we know of. In fact up until this school year, I didn't know any children with severe food allergies. Then September rolled around and it's back to school. There is a new & adorable little boy in my son's class with a severe peanut allergy. When you're not used to being careful about watching ingredients, and run into someone that MUST, it's a real eye opener. Peanut butter is a staple at our house, I normally wouldn't think twice about it, until now. Even my 5 year old is conscious about his friend and all of the families at school know, but what about the rest of the world?

Well, thanks to a terrific company called AllergiK ID, kids with allergies can let it be known. Robin Davison founded AllergiK ID, when she realized there was a lack of age appropriate products to identify children's food allergies. Her fabulous line includes products that identify 7 types of food allergies: Peanut, Dairy, Tree Nut, Wheat, Egg, Soy, & Gluten. Each product is available for each allergy. Allergik ID lunch bags allow little ones to carry their lunch and let it be known to lunch supervisors exactly what they are allergic to. The bags are insulated and very generous in size. You can even personalize them with your child's name. The rubber band type bracelets are also great. They come in two children's sizes and are red with white writing, a great item to wear at school and on excursions like field trips, play dates, or any other activity that you may not be able to attend. AllergiK ID also makes stickers that you can use to label safe foods. This way your little one always knows what snacks are safe, even when they can't read the ingredients. The backpacks, lunch bags, stickers, and posters are available for ANY allergy or combination of allergies. Not just those that are shown. They are customized for each child's needs.

AllergiK ID is dedicated to keeping children with food allergies and Celiac Disease (requires a gluten free diet) safer in any environment. Their products are designed to: Identify each child’s specific food allergy, decrease the risk of exposure, and clarify emergency measures to help manage an allergic reaction.

If you have children with food allergies or even if you know children that do, this site is a must visit. Great products, great cause. All items can be purchased directly from the AllergiK ID site.

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swankymomheather said...

As a side note, Robin generously dontaed some of her products to the little boy in my son's class that I spoke about. His parents were thrilled with the products, especially the lunchbag (which he will take to kindergarten next year) and the wristband (that he sported on our last field trip). They were so exicted to have a product that would help protect their son, especially when they are not nearby.