Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Body Hoops: Loose Inches with an Old Favorite

I remember my first hula hoop: the pink one with white stripes and the beads inside that swished around as the hoop went circling. Well, let me take you back to those days, but modernized to help you stay in shape. "Hooping" or "Hoop Dance" is the latest exercise craze to hit the fitness world and guess what? It's fun and a great workout too! You must check out Body Hoops. Diana Lopez started the company after a surgery left her in need of a low impact exercise program. Hooping was the solution. She found that it was great for general health, relieved stress, and helped her to build confidence and creativity. Why not share this with the world? Her Body Hoops: Hoop Dance Fusion instructional DVD is a great intro to hooping. You can purchase the DVD & high quality weighted hoops on the Body Hoops site. The weighted hoops are recommended for hooping, the weight makes the hoop flow better and stay up longer. Visit Body Hoops and try something new. Pick up hoops for everyone in your family (they make them for kids too). You can make it a family activity! Doesn't this make getting on the treadmill sound BORING?

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