Monday, February 12, 2007

Dali Mama: The Ultimate Yoga Mat

About a year ago, I started taking yoga on a regular basis. I have to say after all of the cardio, weight training, and cycling classes I've tried out, yoga is the only one I've stuck with. It's my only "me" time, a chance to clear my mind, relax, and feel great. I'm always on the look out for the perfect mat. I've gone through 4 in one year.

When I came across the Dali Mama site, I was super excited! The first thing that intrigued me was the name of the company. Dali Mama, has a terrific story behind its creation. After struggling with all of her yoga gear, Dawn Alane was in her yoga class resting in a state of Svasana (aka the “resting pose”), when something magical happened......a yoga mat with straps and a handle appeared as a vision floating above my head. After the she headed home to share the vision with her friends. One of her friends jokingly called her the "Dali Lama" when her young daughter chimed in with "No, she's the Dali Mama." The company was born!

Dali Mama products are the finest yoga products I have come across. They are beautiful, extremely well made, and 100% functional. Their Luxury Mats are the best I have ever tried. They are well sized and have the perfect thickness and feel to them. The straps are such a fabulous feature. They look beautiful, and provide you with a hands free walk to class. You can now hold your water/towel, and your little one's hand on the way to the "kids corner."

I am always on the look out for new and exciting "Mommy & Me" products. Dali Mama, also makes child yoga mats, complete with the hands-free strap in fun furry fabrics. The mat is just like mom's only smaller with either cloud or heart straps. This is the first high quality children's yoga product I have come across. The child's mat is also great for teens, it is plenty big, fun, funky, AND functional!

You may be wondering, "Do the straps get in the way?" Nope, I simply tucked mine under the mat and completely forget that they were there. When class was over I rolled up my mat, strapped it up, flung it over my shoulder, and hit the door, hands free! I had several people ask me where I got my beautiful mat. I was proud to say Dali Mama.
Dali Mama also makes yoga mat bags, meditation cushions, bolsters, eye pillows, and towels. All products are made with luxurious silk fabric in amazing colors. This line will not disappoint you.
OH, and if you already have a yoga mat that you love, you can buy just the mat carrier straps and be hands free like me!

All products can be purchased online. Visit the Dali Mama site today. Their mission is to raise global consciousness through artistry, design, and a yoga lifestyle. I am proud to promote and use their products. Namaste.

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