Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gamewright: Games I Guarantee You'll LOVE!

I'm always on the lookout for new games I think my family will enjoy. I recently came across a company called Gamewright that has TONS of fun games with a great age range variety. The product that first caught my eye was the Original Little Hands Card Holder. My five year old loves to play Go Fish. However, he has a very hard time holding his cards, let alone organizing them! So, I usually help him, which means I know what cards he has. That sort of takes the fun out of it... Now, with the Original Little Hands Card Holder, he can do it all himself. It is an amazing product. It's no wonder why it's won several awards: everything from Dr. Toy to the National Parenting Center. We've also been addicted to Lucky Catch-The Reeling and Rolling Dice Game for 2-5 players, ages 5 and up. Lucky Catch is a fun twist on "memory" games. With the 24 cards face down, you roll the dice to see what see creature/color you must fish for. If you get a boot, you have to take it and your turn is over. The twist, you can fish from the other player's cards which are face down in front of them. Very fun! We also love the Scrambled States of America geography game (which is based on the fabulous book by Laurie Keller). What I really love about the company is the way they have their site divided into age ranges: 3 & Up, 6 & up, 8 & up and 10 & up. There's really something for everyone. You can shop online and the prices are great. Many of the card games are small boxes...Last minute stocking stuffers anyone??? Visit the site today for games for everyone on your list!

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