Saturday, December 02, 2006

E-Z Bar: Ditch Those Training Wheels!

If your little one is getting a new bike for the holidays, this will definitely be something to purchase along with it! The E-Z Bar is a fascinating product that assists parents in teaching little ones to learn to ride that "big kid" two wheeler. No more running behind the bike thinking that your back is going to give out at any second. Think Tank Works has invented a system that works because it gives the child confidence. You have complete control while your child feels secure that you are holding them in place. According to my husband, the E-Z Bar comes with easy to understand instructions. There are 2 separate pieces, a hitch that attaches to the bike and the actual bar which attaches and releases to the hitch. You hold the handles and give your child the confidence to ride that big kid bike. They are secure and can concentrate on balance and not have to worry about falling. When you feel that they are ready, release and watch them go! Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will ride off into the sunset. There may be some spills and tears, but the E-Z Bar does work. We have been using it with our 5 year old for about a week and a half and it is really helping to build confidence. With more practice and the help of the E-Z Bar, he'll be off in no time. Visit the E-Z Bar site for detailed info and instructions. They have a fabulous video that demonstrates this great product. There is also a great link that provides tips on teaching a child to ride a bike. Don't just take it from me, read the testimonials: Moms and Dads everywhere should rejoice, the days of bike chasing backaches are over!

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