Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bath Time Must Have by 4moms

The Digital Bath Spout Cover by 4moms is a bath time must have. This unique product has Temp-Assure Technology that allows you to draw the perfect bath for your dirty little angels. The Digital Bath Spout is a cushy spout (no more worries about head bumps) that attaches with velcro to your existing spout. It is easy to install, yet hard for a child to pull off. A hole in the top gives you access to the shower diverter, but the backlit digital display is really what it's all about. A sensor reads the water temperature: not only does it give the exact temperature, but the display changes color to alert you of the water temperature as well. Blue (below 90 degrees F) means too cold, Green (90-100 degrees F) means just right, and Red, well you guessed it, too HOT! With 13 kids between the 4 of them (this includes 3 sets of twins) Elizabeth, Cindy, Kristen, & Jenn have experience and know what moms need: products that are smart and functional. Keep an eye on these 4 moms, they're up to something good! This fabulous product can be purchased online at Amazon.

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