Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dinner Time Fun: Play While You Eat!

Want the kids to stop playing with their food? Start playing some games at the dinner table! Ok, so it might sound a little odd to play games at the table, but I'm telling you, it's great. The award winning company, Family Time Fun, has a unique product called Dinner Games & Activities. This great little "recipe-style" tin is filled with 51 quick and easy games for families to play while they eat. Designed to improve family communication, each game is printed on a sturdy, easy to read, laminated card (so spills won't destroy them). The games are easy to play, there are no gameboards or pieces, and most take just 1-3 minutes to complete. The games are designed for ages 5 and up, but even kids as young as 2 1/2 to 3 can play some of them. My boys, ages 5 & 2 1/2 LOVED virtual hide and seek. I think we've played about 100 times in the past few days! Have someone pick a "hiding" spot in the house, think of it, but don't tell. The rest of the family takes turns trying to "find" you. The games are educational; they utilize creative thinking, math, memory, vocabulary, & social skills. You can visit the Family Time Fun site for sample games and try them for yourself. Personally, I think this is a GREAT item for on the go. Many of the games can be played in the car. I have added some of the cards to my purse. When we go out to eat, I plan to whip them out before the boys get "board." Keeping them occupied keeps them out of trouble! Dinner Games & Activities would make a unique gift, fun for the whole family! Pick up a few tins today, you won't be disappointed. Stock up, until December 31, you can buy 3 and get one free!

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