Friday, December 29, 2006

The Diaper Clutch: Stylish & Practical Too!

Created by "mom-preneur" Cynthia Poblete, the Diaper Clutch is a great new product to add to your diaper bag! This convenient yet fashionable product allows you to keep diapers and wipes organized and easily accessible in your diaper bag. What's great about the Diaper Clutch is it's built in wipes feature. The wipes are right there ready to "pop-up" for those messy moments when you don't have time to separate each wipe! The Diaper Clutch holds 2-4 diapers, a disposable changing pad, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. It comes in 12 super cute fabrics and has a velcro closure. Each Diaper Clutch order comes with a pack of wipes that fits perfectly into the built in pouch. To help organize your diaper bag, visit The Diaper Clutch online store today!

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