Monday, March 23, 2009

Revisiting a Favorite: Sweet Pea3 Kid's MP3 Player

Although the favorites have changed throughout the years, my boys have been listening to music since conception! In fact, even at ages 4 & 6, they still listen to the same classic lullaby CD every night. Whether it's their own room, grandma's house, or on vacation, they want their "music." In the past, we'd lug a portable CD player, but now, we've got the ultimate solution! You MUST check out the SweetPea3 by SweetPea Toy Company. It's an MP3 player for tots ages 0-8. Yes, 0-8! The rubber coated MP3 unit is super easy to use and the sound is fantastic. The player comes with three playlists. It hooks right into the computer with it's own USB cord. When you sync it to your computer, 3 folders come up. Each one is a playlist and you can drop and drag your music into the playlists you desire. So simple!

On ours, playlist one consists of some fun songs that came preloaded on the unit. I then added some of our own favorite fun songs like the entire They Might Me Giants "Here Come the ABC's." Play List 2 consists of some of my 6 year old's favs like Beastie Boys & Kiss. The third playlist is our "bedtime" music. My boys bring the SweetPea3 everywhere. It's lightweight and easy to operate.

The SweetPea3 comes in two colors, blue & violet, and takes one AA battery that will play 40 hours. The unit also comes with an AC adaptor (great for bedtime listening) and stores up to 4 hours of music. All files must be MP3 files, the easiest way to obtain them is to load your own cd's onto your computer and then transfer them to the unit. It takes just seconds! The user manual is very easy to follow and the company's customer service is fantastic. Best of all though? Grown ups control everything. There's virtually no way for kids to mess this thing up! The menu must be accessed by a specific pressing of keys. This is where the volume and playlists are chosen. The only thing little fingers can do is press play and move the arrows to forward to the next song, or go back to the last.

Visit the SweetPea Toy Company online store today and pick up your own SweetPea3. You will wonder how you ever got along with out it. Everyone I know wants ours! My sister even tried to take it from my boys. She has a 1 month old and wants to hang it from her carseat so my nephew can listen to his lullabies in the car while she enjoys her own music up front. Honestly, everyone can use a SweetPea3. From the crib to the car, the SweetPea3 will keep you rockin... or relaxing!


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itsybitsyknitsy said...

This is a great idea. I must get one for my friend. He baby is turning one in may.