Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Easter Bunny Ships Via The World's Smallest Postal Service!

Looking for a great surprise for your little ones this Easter? How about a teeny tiny super cute little letter sent directly from the Easter Bunny? Delivered by the World’s Smallest Postal Service, this adorable little letter comes packaged in a plastic egg with paper grass and comes with a magnifying glass so you can read the letter! Your letter is highly personalized, as you write the content! All the Easter Bunny does is rewrite it in teeny tiny script. Letters can be up to 120 words and are hand written on stationary that is just 1 inch by 1.5 inches! Really fun and really unique, your tiny letter is sure to make anyone smile. If you’d like a letter from the Easter Bunny, be sure to order right away so that it arrives on time, after all this is the bunny’s busiest time of the year!

The World’s Smallest Postal Service also offers birthday cards, love notes, and day to day letters. I recently sent my mother in law a teeny tiny letter as a get well pick me up from my boys. I had them tell me what they wanted to say to Grandma and filled out the online form, very easy. She absolutely loved it. Letters come in little envelopes with a tiny wax seal, they are even addressed! With e-mail as our main form of communication these days, I miss postal letters. This is such a fun way to surprise an old friend or loved one. Really you can’t get much cuter, who wouldn’t love to get a little letter???

Visit the World’s Smallest Postal Service today and send a “little” love to someone special!

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