Wednesday, January 07, 2009

WiFi Fantasticness: Printing with the Epson Artisan 700

The last 8 weeks, have been sort of a nightmare for my family in the technology department. It started with my desktop crashing, followed by the death of my son's computer, and then there were none. We were computerless for a few weeks! What did we do before computers and the internet???

Anyhow fast forward to today and I've never been happier with my personal internet cafe! After a massive shopping spree at Best Buy, my son and I have new desktops (personal use) and I'm typing on my new laptop (business use) right now. Blissful, right? Well that's not even the best part! Normally each computer would need a printer. Not anymore. Thanks to the genius minds at Epson, you can now print wireless from any computer, anywhere in the house. The new Epson Artisan 700 is a super sleek, super fantastic WiFi printer sent from the heavens above. The printer was easy to install and has all the bells and whistles you need to print everything from a word document to ultra hi def photographs that last up to 4x longer than pics printed in a lab.

We've been using the Artisan 700 for about 2 weeks now and I honestly love EVERYTHING about it. From the ease of ink changing (no moving ink carriages, the inks just pop into place in the bottom right hand corner of the unit) to its compact size and capabilities, this thing does it all. The Artisan 700 allows you to go above and beyond with your creativity. Create greeting cards, calendars, personalize photos, print your own cds and dvds, and much, much more.

OH, and I forgot to mention it's a scanner too. I've already used the scanner a bunch. It's so fantastic that all of the computers in the house can use the scanner without any hook ups. I haven't tried it yet, but this little wonderment allows you to scan old photos and restore them. I am debating telling my mom about this feature. I'm not really that interested in becoming the family's full time photo restoration center!

All of the features of this printer are great, but the best feature is the price. For $149.99 (plus free shipping), you can purchase the Artisan 700 directly from Epson and immediately solve all of your printing problems. I have to say that sharing one printer for the whole household is so great. My hubby even added his laptop, so when he brings it home from work, he can print his purchase orders and other necessary documents. I'm telling you, ditch your current printers and go with the Epson Artisan 700, you won't regret it. I never thought I could feel such happiness when I hit the print button!

Visit Epson today and join the WiFi revolution!

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