Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot Huggers for Arms and Legs

Okay, so we all know Baby Legs makes cute leg warmers for babies and kids alike, but I have come across a new brand whose leg warmers are softer and don't cut off circulation for those little ones who have cubby legs. Huggalugs from Australia are made using a super soft cotton and nylon mix with a little spandex for stretch. And the thigh opening is a little bigger than the ankle opening, which keeps those terrible red marks from appearing on chubby thighs! They have a new organic line that has launched for Fall 2009. With over 70 patterns to choose from, there are Huggalugs to satisfy any fashion enthusiast. My favorites are the Mahendhi, Berry Mums and L'il Pirate (retail from $12.00 - $14.50). Huggalugs are the perfect gift for babies, kids and the expecting parents.

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